Banner Creator Plugin


With the Banners plugin for WordPress, you can now create a personalised banner that matches the design of your site and engages your audience.

The Banner Creator is easily customisable to your needs, your audience and the devices they use. You can create a banner from any image* you want, or choose from six beautiful photos inspired by the most popular themes on Then just enter a clear call-to-action and you’re ready to go!

Once you’re done creating it, you’ll need to track the reservations it brings in. The Banner Creator makes tracking simple. Once you attach a label to the banner, the Partner Center Individual Bookings Performance report will clearly show you which reservations have come through the banner**.

Last but not least, the Banner Creator uses the WordPress short code system which doesn’t require any coding knowledge at all. Just add the short code anywhere in the page to start bringing in bookings!

You can download the plugin here.

Short code in the text editing view of the plugin. banners plugin - shortcode

* Minimum 1920px to ensure the best image quality
**To activate tracking, you will need to enable the ‘Label’ column in the report