The European destinations you should be writing about right now

Big Ben and Westminster Bridge at dusk, London, UK

Europe may still be deep in the grip of winter, but its cities are in high demand all year round. The top five European picks for customers right now are London, Paris, Madrid, Moscow and Rome, closely followed by Berlin, Saint Petersburg, Milan, Hamburg and Manchester.

And that’s not all – our customers have left thousands of endorsements telling us just why they love these cities so much.

From history and culture to shopping and food, our guests have made it clear why these are their top destinations this winter:

City Top 3 endorsements
London shopping, museums, sightseeing
Paris museums, sightseeing, culture
Madrid museums, culture, shopping
Moscow museums, sightseeing, architecture
Rome history, museums, food
Berlin museums, history, culture
Saint Petersburg museums, architecture, sightseeing
Milan shopping, cathedral, museum
Hamburg harbour, musicals, shopping
Manchester shopping, nightlife, restaurants

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TIPS TO GET STARTED: You can use our customer endorsements to tell a story and spark visitors’ imaginations. Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas:

  • A countdown of the top European destinations this winter and why they’re so popular.
  • An article about the best European cities for a specific endorsement, such as “Europe’s top shopping destinations” or “The best European cities for museum lovers”.
  • A closer look at one endorsement for a single destination, like “Moscow’s most unmissable architecture” or “The hottest Manchester nightspots of 2016”.