Reviews Implementation Guide


Welcome to the Reviews product implementation guide.

Here you can find all the information you need to ensure a consistent and compliant use of this content.

Please note that all integrations and any future changes thereof need to be approved by prior to launch. You can contact your Account Manager for approval.

The Guiding Principles

These are the baseline requirements:

  • reviews, review scores and counts cannot be intermingled with the reviews, scores and counts of others companies
  • reviews score system cannot be changed into any other format rather than 1-10
  • review counts cannot be included in any universal number, e.g., for promotional purposes of the partner website
  • review scores have to be linked to and tracked separately
  • logo must be present, clickable and tracked separately
  • review main USP has to be included “100% verified reviews”
  • Every page containing reviews has to have at least one reference to the review source including the main USP
  • Design should be compliant with provided style guide
  • Mock ups of all of the above to be reviewed and approved by prior to launch


Style Guide

In this section you will find the step-by-step guide on how to build the review score button correctly.



The Logo logo #3

Every webpage on which review content is used requires a reference to the source followed by the main USP tagline “100% verified reviews”. Only the full logo in full color on a white background or the reversed logo on the signature dark blue background is considered valid. logo used to support review product should always contain the main USP “100% verified reviews” translated in to the language of the website.

Please don’t attempt to:

  • Recreate the logo
  • Change the logo colors
  • Use the logo together with the mobile icon
  • Scale the logo proportionately
  • Use only a section of the logo
  • Place the logo in the low contrast background
  • Change logo’s orientation
  • Add extraneous effects to the logo
  • Add any elements to the logo, except the main USP tagline
  • Place the logo too small to identify correctly. The minimum size for the logo is 40 mm (113 px)

Here you can find the downloadable logo files:

Dark color logo file 
Light color logo file 

We use the .eps file format because it preserves vector data, essentially the outline of the logo. Unlike raster, or pixel-based, files such as .jpg and .png, it can be scaled without any loss of quality or resolution.

Compatible software programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Publisher, Inkscape, GIMP (and more)

Tracking guidelines

Every review product integration should at minimum report on unique impressions. Your Account manager will provide you with the impression tracking tag. Please insert it once on every page where you are displaying reviews.

For the review products that link out to, the following URL tracking structure applies:

Visitors clicking on the review content on partner website, should land on the review tab of the hotel page. In the API you will find review specific hotel page URLs including a simple review label.


However, when linking out to, please use the following dynamic label structure:

label=($industry$partnername)-link- reviews($user_country)-hotel-($hotel_id)_dev($user_device)_los($lenght)_lang-($user_lang);
utm_campaign=$market (*same as the user_country)
utm_content=reviews (*fixed value for this product)

Example URL: reviewsus-hotel-56093_devdesk_los1_langen&lang=en&utm_source=dealrocketstar&utm_medium=link-reviews&utm_campaign=us&utm_term=hotel-56093&utm_content=reviews

Standard values for the tracking parameters:

Affiliate_id: your affiliate id dedicated to reviews placement
Industry: please contact your Account Manager for the right value
Partner_name: your website’s name
User_country: user_country_code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)
Hotel_id: hotel id
User_device: dsk (desktop), mob (mobile) or tab (tablet)
Length: number representing length of stay
User_language: user language code (ISO 639-1)
Market: user_country_code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)

Only in cases where usage of the dynamic label is not possible, in agreement with your Account Manager you can use the simple label format as provided in the API.

Have questions or need help? Feel free to contact your Account Manager.