The Deals Finder

The Deals Finder is the latest addition to our line of affiliate products.

Deals Finder Widget - Wide view

With the Deals Finder, you can easily build a stream of deals for hotels in any destination that we cover on


Easily Customisable

Deals Finder Settings

With an easily customisable layout and design, the Deals Finder will fit your site perfectly. As with our other affiliate products, it can be implemented by simply copying and pasting the code from the Partner Center into any of your web pages.

You can learn more in the Get The Best Out Of Deals Finder section below.


The Latest Technology

The technology used to build the Deals Finder allows us to update the widget in the background, without requiring your attention or action.

So, you will always have an updated product that shows the best converting hotels for the specific day and destination you choose.


Always Up To Date

In the Deals Finder settings, you can choose which day the deals will apply, e.g. every Monday. When that chosen day has passed, the widget will automatically refresh to show new deals for the same day the following week, e.g. next Monday.

There’s no action required from you, other than to sit back and watch the bookings roll in!


Clear Deals

Deals Finder Widget - Deals

Every hotel discount is clearly indicated in the widget. We always show both the original and discounted price so that visitors have a clear overview in one glance.

The Deals Finder gives you access to all deals available on, allowing you to reach the most price-sensitive part of your audience and increase your chances of generating more bookings.


Get The Best Out Of Deals Finder

From testing the Deals Finder widget with a number of partners, we’ve found that it converts better when implemented on destination-specific pages and sites.

For example, if your site is about southern European summer destinations in general, it’s not advisable to implement the Deals Finder on your home-page because the lack of destination-specific context would harm conversion. Instead, it’s more effective to create multiple widgets to cover the individual destinations you promote on destination-focused pages.

On the other hand, if your website is only about one specific destination, the widget will suit any page. And because you can create as many widgets as you want, you can cover different destinations in the same area.

When you create a new widget, the destination and date fields are compulsory. After filling in the destination, you can customise the day of the week and the number of nights for which the deals will apply.

The Deals Finder will always show deals for that specific destination and day of the week.



Deals Finder Widget - Dates

To show weekend deals, select Friday as your custom day and set the number of nights to 2.

If you want to share deals via mailing lists, you could use the widget as a personal search tool in order to find deals and promote them.

To make the Deals Finder stand out, read our Search Box guide for more tips on which colours work best.