The Links Tool affiliate Links tool


The Links tool helps create affiliate deep-links to connect your website to any page, including specially designed landing pages.

Deep-links are hyperlinks that connect directly a page in your site to any page of another website apart from the homepage. In the case of, our deep-links can lead to property pages or themed landing pages for specific regions, cities, landmarks and much more.

Linking your content to not only provides extra value for your visitors, it’s also a quick and easy way to monetise your page. As with all of our affiliate products, each deep-link includes your affiliate ID, meaning that you earn commission every time a successful booking is made through your deep-link.


Where and how to use deep-links

You can use deep-links anywhere on your page that’s relevant. For example, if your site focuses on the United Kingdom, each popular city mentioned should have a deep-link to take visitors directly to a corresponding city page.

Depending on the needs of your visitors, you can choose, for example, to deep-link to search results for accommodation in the destination or to a city landing page.


Deep-links to search results

Our streamlined search results pages are aimed at visitors who already know where they want to stay. The results are ordered to give maximum exposure to our guests’ favourite properties, giving you the best possible chance to bring in bookings and earn commission through your website. You can even add filters when creating a link to tailor search results to the specific preferences of your visitors.


Deep-links to city landing pages

Our landing pages are designed to inspire travellers who aren’t sure where they want to stay yet. The content of these pages is custom-made to guide visitors in their decision-making process with eye-catching photos, engaging descriptions and real-life customer reviews. Each landing page features local expert insight into different districts and thing to see and do, as well as linking to a tailored list of our top-booked properties.


Deep-links and property pages

A very effective way to use affiliate deep-links is to integrate them in your website’s property pages. To help visitors complete the booking process, you’ll need to link these pages to their equivalent property pages on, using the Links tool.

It’s quick and easy to set up – just choose the ‘Hotel page’ option, select a country and city from the drop-down menus and we’ll display a list of properties you can link to.

Choose the link to the property promoted on your page and your link is ready to go!


How can I get started?

Visit the Partner Centre to start creating affiliate links now!