The Inspiring Search Box inspiring search box_900px

The Inspiring Search Box not only allows your visitors to search the thousands of properties on but also to inspire their next choice of travel destination.

Each Inspiring Search Box features three, eye-catching images advertising the top destinations featured on your site. Alongside this, we also provide a list of other relevant places that your visitors might be interested in.


Where to put your Inspiring Search Box

To determine the best placement for the Inspiring Search Box, you should follow the same guidelines as the regular Search Box.

Due to its larger size, the Inspiring Search Box is more suited to pages with a width of at least 500px. Also, remember to not clutter the space you have available and to keep enough room around the search box to make it stand out from the rest of the content.


Customising your Inspiring Search Box

As with our other affiliate products, you can customise the Inspiring Search Box to fit the layout and design of your website.

Under ‘Advanced Options’, you’re able to choose a preferred country, language, currency and font. Once selected, the Inspiring Search Box will automatically showcase the three most popular cities in that destination and generate a list of alternatives to sit beside it. inspiring search box_advanced options

As for colour options, the rainbow is the limit. Whether you want your Inspiring Search Box to stand out or blend in, you can colour-customise every aspect. Check out the Search Box box guide for more guidelines on how to choose the right colours.


Choosing the right size

An Inspiring Search Box can be as wide as 1100 pixels, making it ideal for home pages or destination-specific landing pages. search box_dropdown different sizes

To get you started, we’ve created a selection of four recommended sizes for you to choose from. If you like, can also opt for a custom box to better fit the design of your site.

TIP: For sidebars, we recommend you use the regular search box or the official WordPress plugin.


Creating multiple Inspiring Search Boxes

You can create multiple Inspiring Search Boxes to cover all the destinations featured on your site. Each of these can use a different layout and colour scheme, depending on your preference and the page where you publish it. affiliate product performance

Each Search Box is tracked separately under ‘Product Performance’, where you can monitor ‘impressions’, ‘clicks’, ‘click-­through rates’ and more.

Comparing these results will help you make data­-driven decisions about which destinations, designs and placements generate the most bookings, so you’ll be able to take advantage of these throughout your site.


How can I set this up?

Visit the Partner Center to create your Inspiring Search Box now!