The Co-Brand co-brand search results

The Co-Brand gives you the opportunity to place your logo under’s blue header. This lets visitors know that you’re a partner and shows them that they’re making their reservation with a trusted brand.

By keeping your brand visible at each step, the presence of your logo at the top of the page will guide your visitor through the booking process and make sure they don’t leave your affiliate area.


What are the benefits?

By choosing the Co-Brand, you’ll have access to’s substantial inventory of over 900,000 properties, along with a wealth of engaging content.

We’re constantly optimising how our site works and we’re always aiming to improve conversion, meaning that the product can only get more efficient.

In addition to this, the Co-Brand product is fully responsive, so visitors using their phone, or a tablet are automatically directed to the mobile version of the site, meaning there’s no risk of losing these potential customers along the way.

Here is an example of a new mobile responsive Co‐Brand.

How does it work?

To implement a Co-Brand you won’t need to input any code. Each time a visitor clicks on an affiliate link placed on your website, they’ll automatically be re-directed to your co-branded page. This makes it the simplest product we offer.


How can I set this up?

To set up a Co-Brand for your website, please send your logo to with ‘Co-Brand Request’ as the subject. Include a high-quality image of your logo, ensuring it meets the specifications below:

‐ Size: maximum 50 pixels high
‐ Format: .PNG
‐ Visible on a white background

If you have multiple websites with different logos and you wish to implement the Co-Brand for each of them, please send all your logos in one email with the corresponding domain URL included.

This can be set up for a maximum of ten different sites per partner.