Every affiliate account is identified by a unique code, known as the Affiliate ID (AID). This is automatically added to all the products created in the Partner Centre. Please note that we don’t use cookies to track reservations generated by affiliate websites.

The AID is a unique number which identifies your affiliate account and enables us to track your commission. The number itself will always start with a ‘1’, ‘3’, ‘8’ or’ 9’.

You can find your AID number on the Partner Centre Dashboard.

Every reservation made on a page with the AID included in the URL address is included in your account.

How does the Affiliate ID work?

Each time a visitor clicks on one of your affiliate links, a banner, or they use your search box, a new page will open.

The URL of that page includes your AID number, along with a parameter which looks similar to this: “&aid=YOUR_AFFILIATE_ID”.

Each confirmed reservation made via a page (and which includes the AID number in the URL) will generate commission for your account.

Please see the Commission and Payments article for more details.

On Session Tracking

We track all reservations made on (via your website or blog) and assign these to your account. All reservations should include the AID number in the URL. We refer to this as ‘On Session Tracking’.

IMPORTANT: If the customer leaves a page (with your AID included in the URL), then returns to the website later, the AID will disappear. A reservation made without the AID number won’t show within your affiliate results. In these cases, we are unable to assign commission to your account.

All reservations including the AID number will appear on your Individual Bookings Report within 24 hours.

If you want to know more about how we calculate commission generated with your AID number and how we handle payments, check out this article.

Tip: If you want to be sure to be on your affiliate page, request a Co-Brand.