How to Make a Manual Affiliate Reservation

To make a reservation, you need to use the affiliate URL that looks like this:

The affiliate id is the number that identifies your account and is necessary for us to track your commissions: it starts with 1, 3, 8 or 9 and can be six or seven digits.

We sent the affiliate URL in the welcome email you received after signing up.
To make a reservation, click on the affiliate URL. It will bring you to your affiliate page, that looks exactly like, except for the affiliate id in the URL. affiliate url example

To be sure to be in the affiliate page during the entire reservation process, you will have to ask us to place your logo in there: this is what we call Co-Brand implementation.
Example from our partner co-brand header_KLM

How Can You Request a Co-Brand Implementation?

Send us an email to with “Co-Brand Implementation” as subject, your affiliate id, and the logo of your business.
The logo must be 50px high, in .png format and visible on a white background.
When ready, be sure that everyone making reservations in your office has the Co-Brand implementation page bookmarked in her/his browser.

ATTENTION!Be sure to be in your Co-Brand implementation page during the entire reservation process. If a reservation is made on a different page, we cannot pay the commission for it.

The Affiliate Commission Percentage

Your affiliate commission percentage is based on the total amount of monthly checked-out reservations generated two months earlier. You will get 25% to start.
Example: January – March
If in January your commission percentage is 25% and you have 60 checked-out reservations, in March we will update the commission to 30%.
You can refer to the table below to see the different ranges. commission structure table

How We Calculate Your Affiliate Commissions

The amount of your affiliate commissions is calculated on the commission that earns from the hotel for each checked-out reservation made with your affiliate id: we call this commission-split model. affiliate commissions table

Your affiliate commission percentage is 25% and you make a reservation for 2000 EUR. If earns 200 EUR on that reservation, your commission will be 50 EUR: 25% of 200 EUR.
At the beginning of each month when you are eligible for a payment, we will send a credit slip with a summary of the reservations that will be paid and the total amounts, like the one below. affiliate credit slip example(credit slip example)

In this example, the partner was paid in March 2015 for reservations checked-out in January 2015.

Some commissions are calculated on 30% and others on 35%, this is because the commission percentage we apply to the reservations to pay is the commission percentage that the partner had in the month when the reservation was actually made: regardless from the commission percentage he had in March.

The 99 checked-out reservations (stayed bookings in the example) were made in months when the partner was on 35% and 12 in months when he was on 30%.

When You Will Get Paid

Your commissions become eligible for payment when we receive the checked-out confirmations from the hotels: this can take up to 30 days and makes them finalised.

We will start the payment process the month when the total of your checked-out and finalised reservations reaches the 100 EUR threshold. But, because of the finalisation process, we will send the payment 30 days after the minimum of 100 EUR is reached.

in January, your checked-out commissions reach the 100 EUR. In February we’ll collect the  checked-out confirmations from the hotels. In March the commissions are also finalised and we’ll pay you. affiliate performance table (Checked-out and finalised commissions show up in green in the Individual Bookings page)

At the beginning of the month when we are paying you, we will also send a credit slip (see above) and the payment will be in your bank or PayPal account the third week of the month.

You don’t have to do anything, the process is automated.