Commission and Payments

In this article, we’ll explain how your affiliate commission is generated, from the commission percentage structure to the payment process.


The Affiliate Commission Percentage

Your affiliate commission percentage is calculated on a two-month cycle, based on all completed (‘stayed’) bookings from two months previously.

You’ll start your account with a rate of 25% commission and this percentage is applied until you reach 50 reservations.

The percentage of commission you receive increases as the number of reservations rises.


How we calculate commission according to the number of bookings you receive.

If you start your account in January and you have 50 checked-out (‘stayed’) bookings during that month, or fewer, you’ll be on a 25% commission rate.

If, in March, you’ve accumulated 60 checked-out (‘stayed’) reservations for January, you’ll move up a commission percentage bracket, so we’ll update your commission rate to 30%.

You can refer to the table below to see the different ranges. commission structure table


How we calculate your affiliate commission percentage.

For every reservation made through your affiliate products, you’ll get a share of the commission receives from the selected accommodation. The URL used to book must include your affiliate id (‘AID’).

We call this process the Commission-Split Model. affiliate commissions table


Your affiliate commission percentage is 25% and a booking made via your affiliate link is worth EUR 2000.

If generates EUR 200 of commission from that reservation, you’ll receive 25% of this, so EUR 50.

At the beginning of each month, once you’re eligible for payment, we’ll send you a credit slip with a summary of the reservations you’re due commission for, along with the amount payable to you.

See the example below: affiliate credit slip example 


In this example, the affiliate partner was paid in March 2015 for reservations checked out in January 2015.

The example includes two commission amounts: 30% and 35%.

Commission is always calculated based on the percentage bracket the affiliate partner was in at the time the booking was made.

In this case, 12 bookings were made when the commission percentage was 30%. The remaining 99 bookings were made when the partner was on a 35% commission percentage. This is regardless of the commission percentage the affiliate partner is receiving the month we send the payment (i.e 35%).


When will I get paid?

You’ll be eligible for payment as soon as we receive confirmation of the checked-out reservation(s) from the accommodation partner(s). This can take up to 30 days following check-out.

We start the payment process after your account has earned a minimum of EUR 100. Payment is usually sent between 30 and 60 days following this.

Example for a January to March cycle:

  1. In January, the commission amount in your account, (based on completed (‘stayed’) reservations) has reached the EUR 100 threshold.
  2. In February, we’ll process this, once we’ve received reservation confirmation(s) from the relevant accommodation partner(s).
  3. In March, we’ll finalise payment and send you your share of the commission.
  4. We’ll send you a credit slip at the beginning of March to inform you of the payment.

This process is automatic, so there’s no need for you to do anything.


How to check your reservations and commission payments affiliate performance table

You can check the ‘Individual Bookings Report’ in your profile to get an overview of reservations and commission amounts.

Please see below for more information on the different statuses:

White (not finalised): The reservation has not been confirmed by the accommodation, or the guest didn’t stay.

It may take up to 30 days after the guest has checked out for a property to send us confirmation of the stay. Once the booking has been confirmed, we’ll include your commission in the next payment due to you.

IMPORTANT: If a reservation is modified before the guest arrives, the change won’t be reflected in the report until the end of the stay and following the confirmation we receive from the property.

Green (fInalised): Once the guest has checked out and the stay has been confirmed by the property, the status of the booking changes to green, i.e finalised.

Red (cancelled): if the guest doesn’t show up or cancels the reservation before the check-in date (this is only possible in the case of refundable reservations), the reservation shows in red and you won’t receive any affiliate commission..

In these cases, as doesn’t receive commission for cancellations or no-shows, you won’t receive affiliate commission either.

For more information, see this article.

IMPORTANT: You can see your current balance and most recent payment(s) in the Partner Centre Dashboard. See this article to learn how it works.