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US bookers are a globetrotting bunch, according to’s latest customer data. Our figures show that our top destinations for American visitors are Rome, London, Paris, Barcelona and Tokyo. But how do we know why Stateside travellers are so keen on these specific cities?

Luckily we have insider knowledge of exactly what our guests love about their favourite destinations, thanks to millions of user endorsements. Endorsements are an opportunity for guests to let us know what they most enjoy about the places they visit. Now we’d like to share this data to help you market destinations in the most effective way possible.

It’s evident from our customer endorsements that museums are high on the must-see list for US travellers.

So why not capture this waiting audience with an article on your website about unmissable exhibits in Paris, Rome and London? Food is also top priority for American visitors to Rome, Barcelona and Tokyo – all home to world-renowned but vastly different culinary traditions. A piece about the best secret spots for off-the-radar dining in these three cities could leave potential US guests hungry for more.

When it comes to creating content, articles filled with relevant data have the most chance of engaging readers, while a clear, simple writing style will reach the widest possible audience.

If you’re looking for inspiration on what to write about, try these customer endorsements for US travellers’ top five destinations:

City Top 3 endorsements
Rome history, museums, food
London shopping, museums, sightseeing
Paris museums, sightseeing, culture
Barcelona architecture, food, shopping
Tokyo shopping, food, culture

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