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US bookers are a globetrotting bunch, according to’s latest customer data. Our figures show that our top destinations for American visitors are Rome, London, Paris, Barcelona and Tokyo. But how do we know why Stateside travellers are so keen on these specific cities?

Luckily we have insider knowledge of exactly what our guests love about their favourite destinations, thanks to millions of user endorsements. Endorsements are an opportunity for guests to let us know what they most enjoy about the places they visit. Now we’d like to share this data to help you market destinations in the most effective way possible.

It’s evident from our customer endorsements that museums are high on the must-see list for US travellers.

So why not capture this waiting audience with an article on your website about unmissable exhibits in Paris, Rome and London? Food is also top priority for American visitors to Rome, Barcelona and Tokyo – all home to world-renowned but vastly different culinary traditions. A piece about the best secret spots for off-the-radar dining in these three cities could leave potential US guests hungry for more.

When it comes to creating content, articles filled with relevant data have the most chance of engaging readers, while a clear, simple writing style will reach the widest possible audience.

If you’re looking for inspiration on what to write about, try these customer endorsements for US travellers’ top five destinations:

City Top 3 endorsements
Rome history, museums, food
London shopping, museums, sightseeing
Paris museums, sightseeing, culture
Barcelona architecture, food, shopping
Tokyo shopping, food, culture

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How to write a travel guide.

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Writing a travel guide? Read our interview with a Travel Guide writer, Alex.

Travel is so bound up with inspiration – it’s often about that little spark of curiosity, that jaw-dropping photo, that bit of quirky information that triggers people to pack their suitcase and book into a hotel online, looking for the trip of a lifetime. But how do we create that spark in people’s imagination, and reap the rewards?

In 2014, started producing its own travel guides for top city destinations, has produced 180 guides to date. We spoke to Alex, one of the writers of the guides, to find out more.

How do you decide what to include in your guides?

Well, we’re lucky that has over a hundred offices across the world, so we can always enlist a local employee to give us that juicy inside information on our destinations. We leave it up to our contacts on the ground to choose the most relevant districts and landmarks, based on their knowledge. That local knowledge is key!

In the guides we try to cover both major landmarks and lesser-known spots. In this second case, the idea is to dig a bit deeper into the city and really make use of the local knowledge available to us.

travel guides - city secrets

The recommendations are for hidden bars, quirky customs or cool itineraries that you might not find in guide books.

Each one comes accompanied by a photo of our local employee and a little biography to underline the local, personal element. This is definitely something that our partners could use in their travel websites or blogs.

When your readers feel that they’re accessing knowledge that’s somehow “secret”, or beyond the superficial information that a simple internet search might produce, that can be a really powerful and inspirational tool.

OK, so once you’ve chosen what to write about, what happens next?

The next step is taking photos of each thing we’re including in the guide.

In our case, we hire freelance photographers that we hand-pick. We’re looking for photography that’s inspiring, but still natural. Just as with the City Secrets, we want to maintain a feeling of authenticity throughout the guide.

Of course it’s great to use professional photographers, but with cameraphone technology being what it is nowadays, you don’t necessarily need them – a decent understanding of your camera, a good eye and a little creativity go a long way. travel guides - cover image - split

In any guide or blog like this, it’s important that the photos align with the copy – it’s no good writing about the amazing façade of a cathedral when the photos are of the crypt.

So when taking your photos, think a bit about aspects of the places that will be interesting to the reader, and aim to get some decent shots of them.

And how about the writing process? What was your approach, and what would you recommend to people writing a travel blog?

In the Travel Guides, we try to keep the tone friendly and conversational, as if you were chatting to a friend who lived in the city.

We also want it to be sparky and light-hearted, maybe with the odd joke or bit of word play. We want to make the reader feel comfortable and above all, to make them engage with the copy.

In order for the text to be inspiring, you can’t just reel off a list of dry facts, it needs to have an energy and pizazz to it.

In terms of information, it’s great to include some factual or historical information – but you don’t want it to turn into a history text book! I always try to find an interesting angle or quirky anecdote to bring it to life. That way, it’s short, sweet and coherent – and the reader doesn’t get too bogged down in facts.

travel guides_valencia cathedral

I’ll give you an example. Valencia Cathedral is a beautiful building with a bell tower with a lot of history and tradition behind it. You could certainly write some inspiring words about its aesthetics or its heritage. However, I found out from our local contact that inside the cathedral there’s a cup which is claimed to be the Holy Grail, as well as the arm of a 4th-century saint.

I thought that this could be an interesting angle on the cathedral to get the readers engaged – a bit of quirkiness goes a long way! So rather than getting too involved in architectural descriptions, I focused the copy on the curiousness of these relics.

In our guides we have to keep the blurbs short due to the format, but in most travel blogs there’s more freedom to go into a bit more detail and spin the yarn a bit more. I’d always recommend keeping the copy focused though – it’s hard to resist the temptation to share everything you know about a place, but the end result is always better for the reader if there’s a coherent narrative running through. travel guides - naples landmarks

Overall, I’d recommend something light-hearted and fun, informative and interesting. If you can crack those things, you’re well on your way to an inspiring, engaging and profitable travel guide. editor - Alex
Originally from the UK, Alex moved to Barcelona in 2008.
He loves travel, sport and funky beats.

The European destinations you should be writing about right now

Big Ben and Westminster Bridge at dusk, London, UK

Europe may still be deep in the grip of winter, but its cities are in high demand all year round. The top five European picks for customers right now are London, Paris, Madrid, Moscow and Rome, closely followed by Berlin, Saint Petersburg, Milan, Hamburg and Manchester.

And that’s not all – our customers have left thousands of endorsements telling us just why they love these cities so much.

From history and culture to shopping and food, our guests have made it clear why these are their top destinations this winter:

City Top 3 endorsements
London shopping, museums, sightseeing
Paris museums, sightseeing, culture
Madrid museums, culture, shopping
Moscow museums, sightseeing, architecture
Rome history, museums, food
Berlin museums, history, culture
Saint Petersburg museums, architecture, sightseeing
Milan shopping, cathedral, museum
Hamburg harbour, musicals, shopping
Manchester shopping, nightlife, restaurants

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TIPS TO GET STARTED: You can use our customer endorsements to tell a story and spark visitors’ imaginations. Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas:

  • A countdown of the top European destinations this winter and why they’re so popular.
  • An article about the best European cities for a specific endorsement, such as “Europe’s top shopping destinations” or “The best European cities for museum lovers”.
  • A closer look at one endorsement for a single destination, like “Moscow’s most unmissable architecture” or “The hottest Manchester nightspots of 2016”.